The beauty of having your bridal gown made is that it will fit perfectly, be exactly as you had dreamed and it will be unique.

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Before you come for your first appointment you may want to collect some ideas from books or magazines. However, this isn't necessary. Some brides enjoy having a ‘blank canvas’. Firstly we’ll design your dress together taking into account the venue and style of wedding. If the evening is a ‘Barn Dance’ you’ll want a dress you can dance around in. If it’s a small village church you won’t want a seven metre train!

Having decided on the style we’ll have fun with fabrics. With choices from synthetics to silks, brocades, lace, embroideries, chiffon and organza, there will be plenty of decisions to be made. If there’s any bead work on the design we’ll decide whether to sort styles out then or leave it until the dress is made. It is usual to do this after the gown is put together.

After the first visit I will work out the cost. If you decide to go ahead I’ll take your measurements then make a toile (mock up) of your wedding dress in a cotton fabric to ensure a good fit and check the design is as you’d imagined. At your fittings you will need to wear the underwear intended for the big day and shoes of the same heel height.

In some cases it may be necessary to make a second toile but this depends on size and if it is an intricate style. It is not usual to have to do this.

Next, I’ll make the gown in the chosen fabric, tacked, so you can see how it will look. Then it will be finished and any bead work can be completed.

It’s your decision when you want to collect your dress. I am happy to keep it until the week of the wedding if you have nowhere to hide it from the groom! It will be in a white wedding gown cover so it will be kept clean when transporting it.

If you would like to have a free consultation or view my Purple Paradise collection of new and worn once dresses, please contact me for an appointment.